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عشرة مباركة 1438هـ

Ashara Mubaraka 1438H

Shezada Dr. Abdeali Bhaisaheb Saifuddin began this year’s Moharram waaz in London by reviving with heartfelt, inner grief, the remembrance, matam and weeping on Imam Husain, as mumineen gathered to listen, in the London Ashara waaz hall.

With a pertinent start befitting our place in the global world we live in, Shezada Saheb explained the identity of being a Mumin. Our Hudaat have given sacrifices in the face of hardship that have kept our past generations and us on the sirat-e- mustaqim. In this context, he related with clear precision the meaning of Rasulullah’s hadith, O children of Adam, obey Me and I will make you like Me, of Eternal life. He showed through three facets of ta’wil, why, in ruhaniyat, a true child of Adam, is he who holds true to his faith and lives up to the spiritual lineage of his spiritual father and mother.

Throughout the waaz, he remembered Syedna Burhanuddin who we all remember and Syedna Qutbuddin whose memory is with us, and prayed for Dai-z-zaman Syedna Taher Fakhruddin.

In ghamm nu bayan, as Mumineen wept, he said that the sacrifices of shuhada-e-karbala have sustained the identity of Mumineen and their pledge to truth, goodness and haqq, and shahadat of Imam Husain, has made us the true children of Adam. Pearls of doa through the wasila of Husain filled every moment. Shehzada Saheb said let us weep for Husain as if the tragedy of Karbala is happening today, before our own eyes. And that is indeed how it was. Mumineen were moved beyond words, through the power, fervor, sincerity, and grief in Shehzada Saheb’s recital of maqtal andshahadat of Ashaab, Ahle-bayt and Imam Husain, they said they felt as if they were in Karbala. Grief for Husain, love for Husain, matam on Husain filled every single moment; it was as if thousands filled the hall, and the angels said labbayk as Mumineen’s voices called out “Ya Husain ya Husain ya Husain.”

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