Monthly Miqaats

شهر الله المعظم


Upcoming Miqaat

- Sherullah 1st dasko

12/04 - 21/04

During the mubarak days of Shehrullah-il-Mo'azzam, mumineen are advised to follow these amal details.

London mumineen will be holding a daily Qur'an dawr 15 minutes before magrib time.

Mardo dawr link on Skype:

Bairao dawr link on Skype:

Mumineen are encouraged to read the following articles on the importance and significance of Shehrullah:
1) An Honored Guest - Shehrullah
2) Fasting and Forbearance: Self-Discipline not Self-Denial

Miqaat List

- Shehrullah 1st dasko.

- 17mi, 19mi, 21mi raat.
- Laylatul Qadr.
- 30mi raat.
- Eid-ul-Fitr